Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seize the day...

This is a fairly straightforward situation to get into.  The fellow on the right will move forward and to his right just as soon as his opponent's sword is tossed away by his overhead ward.  He walks toward his pommel, the safest thing to do in the circumstances.  and of course two things can happen.

If he slips in close enough to his opponent, he "might" be able to snake his arm over his opponent's sword arm.  No doubt he will try, because it is a very successful grappling technique.
 (plate 225 shows this as well)

 This is what we call an "inside" technique.  It is less than optimal because, well look at the fellow on the right in the above pic!  Although he may be facing a power house smash from that sword, he can do a lot of damage first!  If he had a knife in that left hand, the guy in the fancy hat would coughing up blood right about now. Or he can simply grab the guy's wrist, and step away, freeing his hand and his sword.  He has the rest of his life to do this! 
For instance, this might be a solution!

Another way to handle the situation at the top would be get the sword in a wrist in-turn.
This is really hard to do with a sword in your hand, but not impossible.  And if you get it, you like, totally win.  If you fail, things don't go to hell in a hurry, so it is worth a try.  You start like the fellow in the top picture, then slam your butt into his body.  Slide your hand down the outside of his arm, keeping him from pulling it back.  Grab his hand with your free hand, and back out. 

Lay your sword on his fingers, to keep them from writhing out of position.  Then crank him down.

 This is a wrist in-turn done with a sword in your hand.  It is NOT a European move, and will never be taught in a EMMA salon.  However, it works a treat.  Its moves like this which set us apart, and make the STAG swordhandlers more devestating than any other Martial Art on the planet!

Can you learn this from these pictures?  Of course not.  You will have to take my classes!

Next class ....  Algonquin College May 1st 2013.
                       If you have trouble with their system (and who doesn't) email me!  I'll walk you through the registration.

                       Plante Rec Centre April 7  Phone: 613-232-3000

Sign up now while you think about it.  Information and phone numbers are here at the Armoured Company of the Sword web site.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Plante Grads March 2013

This was the graduation class at Plante Recreation Centre, March 2013.
From left to right...Dmitri, Natalia, Maryanne, Dave, Jason, Nika and Dave P.

And of course, Bill and Jeff in front. 

Dave P. is showing off his new armour.  Crikey it looks good on him.  Now everybody is jealous and wants to make their own!