Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Algonquin Course May 2012

Basic Course....Algonquin Woodruff Campus, the gym in the "P" building.
Course Code GEN0088. cost for this course is $160.57 incl HST This is a non-credit Algonquin General Interest course, and as such is payable entirely to Algonquin College. (On line or at the Registrar's desk just inside the doors at the Admin building.)
Wednesday evenings, 7 to 9:30, May 2nd to June 13, 2012

Advanced Course .....Algonquin Woodruff Campus (16 hours Friday evenings 7 to 9:30 in the "P" building.

Course Code GEN 0105 Cost for this course is $160.57 incl HST
Courses are scheduled for Friday evenings, only two days after the basic course ends. You can come late to this class if you want.

Why go through the college? Now you have to remember, what you get out of the college is this. Algonquin is keeping the lights on, providing free (shoveled) parking and insurance, and providing us with gym, change room and locker space. They have to arrange this attractive gym space with the owners, the Police Services Department. If we don't get eleven or more sign ups, they will not do all the "behind the scenes stuff" which is required to get this course in place. And they need those sign ups a week in advance. If you delay and wait for the day of, they might well cancel the course on us. So don't procrastinate! Call ME if you have problems. 613-821-1846


I will be opening my shop to folks who want to make their own armour from now until June. Emphasis on Saturday, and again by appointment for folks who work Saturdays. Out of towners....we'll talk. Its not a formal class. I can be reached at 613-821-1846 to make sure there will be room for you. Try not to call before ten on Saturday mornings unless you need directions....we all have hangovers. So far dozens of armours have been made by enthusiastic visitors! (We have all the materials you could need...this IS a metal working shop dedicated to making armour, and yeah, its okay to bring your own materials.) My students, SCA and AEMMA and OMSG members are particularly welcome.
Shop fees may be waived by bringing beer and burgers
If you are coming from farther away than Ottawa (or drank too much of my whiskey), crash space is available.

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