Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New class starts at Algonquin College and Talhoffer plate 2

We have 14 people starting the Algonquin College Basic level Chivalrous Swordhandling course tonight.  Very impressive.  I will be surveying the attendees and finding out how they heard about it and see if the new advertising the College is using may actually be working.
     Jeff Greenwood will be my assistant, but he is leaving right in the middle of the course for an overseas visit, and Shayne Dark shall be the middle section.  We are very lucky to have Shayne...he is a very busy person and VERY knowledgable on the subject of Japanese Sword techniques.

    Originally, we had an advanced course scheduled for Friday, but only one person signed up for it.  So they cancelled it, and will run it later June.  Suits me....I rather like the idea of Friday evenings off. 

The above picture is Talhoffer's fighting style, which we are emulating.  Observe the fellow on the right has stepped to his left, off the line of attack.  The rising strike is the second part of what I call the "X files".  It will rise up, glancing off the ward the left hand man would have to put into place, go high, and then come down in a smooth, gravity assisted draw cut onto his right shoulder.  If the man on the left keeps his guard in place, the sword will be deflected over head, and slide down towards his left.  Fun stuff.

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