Thursday, June 7, 2012


Above is Mr. Talhoffer's method of dealing with a thrust.  The thrust is a funny comes along the "wrath" line, delivered from over the head.  Why would anybody do that? would go neatly over the other guy's shield hmmmm?   I like how Talhoffer shows the consequences of not getting off the line of attack.

 The trust is coming in on the fellow in red.  He sways off the line of attack.  He "could" have taken a step forward and to the right with his right foot, and knowing him, he will do so right ...  about... now.

and here he has put a wall of steel between my sword and his sword.

What will he do now?  Well, lots of things come to mind.  However the fact that he has stepped in to well within my comfort zone means I should do something about that.  Step back with my right foot...bring my sword up to a number two ox guard will keep me alive until I think of something else.
       What do you think would happen if I slammed forward, bringing my left foot forward and my sword up into an over the shoulder hanging (number two ox) guard?  All I would really need to do would be to bring my sword handle straight up.

I have given you two options.  Do I have others?

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