Friday, June 14, 2013

June Newsletter

June-July Newsletter

Good morning swords!

This newsletter is being sent to all the latest additions to our cozy company of martial artists, sword handlers, pirates, and assorted reprobates.
For some, this may be a bit of a repeat of the one you got last week.  
This newsletter is now being sent to 22 MORE people!  Wow. 
These are the wonderful people who just finished up our Wednesday class on the 12th, and are looking forward to the advanced one on the 19th.
And yes, you are in good company with the Friday class people, many of whom will be joining you as well next week!
Some of you already know each other.
There is no problem with the overlap...the incessant review on the advanced classes will do nothing but boost your confidence.

As we get into the summer months, we noticed that there is a conflict at the City classes. 
As you know, we also teach this class for the city of Ottawa at the Plante recreation centre at Sommerset St. at Preston. 
The conflict is in the first day, which totally conflicts with the Osgoode Medieval Festival AND on the last day which conflicts with Fan Expo. 

We successfully filled three classes of basic sword handling through May and June. 
This was through successful advertising and promotion. 
Seems that people really do want to take these courses IF they know about it!
Allow me to pat the backs of all the people who "told their friends" about us.  It worked!
And of course, the advanced classes are just waiting to be filled with eager warriors.  
Should be no problem...Algonquin has an advanced Chivalrous Sword Handling course for June 19th to July 31st. Wednesdays.
And as of 13 06 2013, it is running!
But there is still room for people who wish advanced training.  A dirty trick every class!  Armouring all the time.  Whats not to love?

We should probably just take August off, at least at Algonquin. 
We have Fan Expo in Toronto, and a couple of birthday tournaments to keep people interested and fighting.
On the other hand, if we let things slide for a month, they could well vanish forever.
But I think it is better to start the next series of beginner's classes in September.   
What do people think of that plan?  email me with your thoughts.... 
(oh wait, does that email even work?  Well, my backup is this

The price is the same at the College's usual ten bucks an hour (plus taxes).
You can sign up on line by going to here
And of course, the Plante Recreation Centre is happy to accomodate us for a summer course in about another month.

I think Jeff should teach a Ken Jutsu class at the Plante Recreation centre.
I have put in a proposal for an extra two hours at Plante devoted to KenJustsu.

This will have to be a paid class, in order to be covered by the city insurance.
If there is interest, we will run it.  If not, well, no harm done by asking if there is enough interest.
Again, if you want a KenJutsu course enough to pay seven bucks an hour for it, email me at
What do you get for your money?  The finest Japanese sword handling training in the world!
(okay, finest in Ottawa!)  Free parking, heat in the winter, air con in the summer, and somebody ELSE cleans the toilets.

I personally believe that Ken Jutsu makes a very nice addition to the sword arts.
What do you all think?  If there is interest, Jeff has agreed to run a formal Kenjutsu course from 10:30 to 12:30 at Plante on Sundays.
An option would be ONE HOUR instead of two.  Cheaper, and easier on students. 
Again, we need your feedback.  email me if you wish to commit to a Japanese sword handling course on Sundays  and let me know if you want the one hour or the two hour kick at the cat.
This will be in addition to the two hours of European. 
I need 10 people to say they want it before they will run it. 
If I don't get 10 names, the concept is dead in the water, and there will be NO Ken Jutsu on Sundays.

(Yes, Dmitri, I have you on the list....)

Five more students are trained and safe to work in the shop. So we will be seeing them on Saturdays.

Two more battle ready armours have been finished at the armour shop in Metcalfe by inspired fighters.
We saw them in action last Sunday.  They sure look good!

But, there has to be more than just training...there is "doing" as well.
We are planning a spring tournament 22 June 2013
Spring tournaments traditionally have been problematic because of course everybody is so busy in June!
And those spring showers put the mockers on outdoor tournament plans.

I am looking for warriors who want to put their carefully hones skills to work.

Brenda loves hosting tournaments when she has help. 
So we will need volunteers to tend the bonfire, haul tables around, erect canopies, that sort of thing. 

So if you are willing to volunteer, Call Brenda at and she will find you something to do.
If all you want is to fight, then great.  email me at and let me know.
There will be prizes.
(prettiest fighter, most chivalrous fighter, most unlikely fighter, that sort of thing.)
(consider this a call for prizes as well!  All donations gratefully accepted)

With a rain date of a week later.  I know...somebody always has something on the go no matter what date I pick. 
As usual, RSVP is required only if you want to get in on the barbeque ribs deal from the D & S.  

(And I know this newsletter is going as far away as Malta and I understand you guys not showing up!  But we will raise a toast to ya!)

email me with your thoughts on this matter.

Upper Canada Village show weekend is June 8 and 9.  Osgood Village Medieval Faire is July 13 and 14.
Big tournament at Andrew Beere's place on 20 July. 
This party is to celebrate Andrew Beere's birthday, John Piche's birthday, and Dan Piche's birthday.
So you KNOW it will be well attended by some of the finest fighers in Ottawa.
RSVP directly to
Her exact words were ...  come one come all.
This is what it will look like...


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