Friday, October 4, 2013

October Newsletter

October 2013 newsletter.

Good morning Swords....

We are moving towards the end of one of the most remarkable summers in the history of Chivalrous Sword Handling.
Tournaments, weddings, faire demonstrations.  Oh my!  We HAVE been busy.
Pat yourselves on the back!

We had a perfect run at the faire, and a great demonstration as two of our swords were married!
The grace of the sparring on the rare occassions we can actually demonstrate it garners unfailing positive support!
Such grace and skill does not come without a LOT of practice!

However,  I am struck by the sheer wonderful quality of the armour which was on display. 
Am I blowing my own horn here about armour quality?
Well, maybe a little, but really the armour I am talking about is the armour that passionate swords have made right here in my shop.
My contribution is simply to make sure it gets done safely. 
Please drop into the web site of the Armoured Company of the Sword, and check out the Osgoode 2013.
The contrast between this year and years past shows a progression which warms the heart of this old blacksmith.

You will see what I mean! 
So, to this end, formal classes have resumed on Fridays. 
Limit of three students.
Materials cost applies.

Ths shop has new toy, a cabinet sand blaster has been installed. 
It turns black fourteen gauge iron into pretty well behaved matt finished steel in minutes.
Can you throw your armour in there and have it come out rust free and highly polished?
Well, it doesn't work like that.  But you know....we have plans! Ideas!
We are thinking "tumblers". Plans are tentative.
But maybe this winter, you could actually do that!
Worth a try.  Anybody want to help make it? 

The installation was, when all the fittings were installed, over five hundred dollars.
All paid for by the Swords themselves from the odd five or ten dollar bill tossed into the collection can.
So, what can I say, but THANK YOU, and of course, now we have it, guys...use it!
It is there for you to use.

Saturdays are getting crowded.  What do you think of me opening Sundays as well?

Up coming events?
Well, tournament on Saturday coming.  If it doesn't rain again. (insert frown here)
Oh the other hand, the oldest fall faire in Ontario is running just up the road from here!
So, if we get rained out again...well...
we can always go over to see some of the most magnificient horses in Canada in action!
(Metcalfe if famous for its heavy horses!) This is a real fair...old school. Wonderful.
Tonight is the demolition derby.  Not quite so old school.
Hot coffee will be available all evening at the Forge...and dress warm! 

Next big thing...

Mayor Watson wants us to demonstrate our stuff at the Osgoode table at his Seventh Annual Halloween Party.
There is usually a very good cause involved. Food bank I think this year.
What evah....
Its a chance to show off our stuff.

Mayor Watson's Halloween Party, 26th Oct.  City Hall Lisgar side, start set up is at noon, set up and in place by 3:15.
Goes to seven.  
Access to electricity. 
We have a change room. Parking validation if we car pool, we will bring armour in our van same as for the Temple's demo. 
We are limited to fourteen people.
This is a publicity demo. 
We will probably make the national news. 

And that is the last demo before the Pumpkin slaughter in November, I think. 

I think I will need a few armour stands!!!!

Well, there you go, lots of stuff going on.
Anybody want to be a part of it, keep emailing me at


This email is going out to people who have requested it.  If you want to be taken off the list, let me know.
Please don't just mark me down to go into the spam folder. Gmail may take action if too much stuff from me goes into spam folders.
 If you don't want to hear from me, then just say so.
I have broad shoulders. 

In Honour, Courtesy and Nobility....
Bill Fedun
Marshal of the Armoured Company of the Sword
Armour maker. 

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