Thursday, January 9, 2014

Newsletter January 2014

A lot of people will find this all to be very local stuff,
but may find it interesting anyway.

Good morning Swords...
Drop your jocks and grab your socks and lets go!
Go where?  Why to the forge of course. Its armour making time.
Oh sure, you want to get behind the groaning board of Christmas dinner!


But when you have indulged, visited, stayed around, played around, messed around, slayed around,
it will be time to get your armour started.

So how are you to do this?  Well, for the next two weeks, its open shop.
Materials at last years prices.  No fees.  Any day of the week.
No hidden charges.  Just get yourself to the forge and start pounding.
(No, the pounding in your head from the hangover just helps things me)

(They gave me a week's break on my chemo, so I should be able to snoopervise properly)
New stuff in the training schedule include...
to bring in two sword play into the advanced course.
To bring buckler play into the advanced course.
Its about time!   
Helpful to this are the thousands of youtube stuff and excellent AMMA info that is out there.
I don't want this to become a language class, but it might be helpful to know some basic sword strike names.
For instance, a slash with a sword is called a "hau". 
This it totally related to the English word "hew".
So an oberhau is a slash from above, and an "unterhau" is a slash upwards.
I like words like "der schnappen", which means pretty much what you think it means.
But don't let the words keep you from getting involved. 
A lot of this stuff is, well, not new to me of Jeff, but is approached in different ways.
Refreshing ways, IMHO. 

The next upcoming events are....(drum roll please)

I have an all night murder mystery on New Year's eve.           
Crash space IS available as usual.
I have been known to drive people home as well. 
But I might want sobered nosed voluntolds... to help. 

After the New Year's celebration,
I think I will take a break from this constant round of parties. 
But not from building armour! 
And building the club. To this end....

The forum has only a very few members.  I would like more.
Please, before signing up, let us know who you are. 
I know I deleted a couple of accounts from friends that did not identify themselves.
Its easy to do.
But how am I to know that "" was actually a friend of mine!
(should have guessed by by the name come to think of it...I have wierd friends.)

So please...its YOUR forum...its your club!

Which of course leads to the logical point. 
Who is in charge?
I nominated Jeff as interm CEO. He has not (actually can not accept until a quorum is formed) accepted. 
(Jeff Greenwood is an excellent choice, now that he is not as distracted with his new GF and the move to a new apartment!)
I nominated myself as the kit shop operator (not necessarily a exec position but one that I can do)
I nominated Jean Vallaincourt as the Supervisor of Training. (Marshal of Marshals)

(Who DID I want as treasurer? I think that post is up for grabs.)
And Mark Ermenc as Top Armourer
(armouring is in the mission statement, so that HAS to be an executive position.)
(he may not want it...but he can refuse the nomination if he wants to.  I can't think of anybody better though!

Remember, interm means you can be replaced by a quorum vote at any time. So it is not cast in stone!

Below is a copy of the statement of what we are all about as decided by straw poll at the pumpkin cutting.
It was so overwhemingly endorsed that we just stopped asking for options after a bit.
It is not too late though (join the forum!) to let us know if your mileage will differ.

quote below

>The purpose of the Armoured Company of the Sword is to train armoured fighters how to fight safely.
>The activities of the ACS are academic only, and do not include sparring, only training.
>The training received in the ACS is to be an adaptation of Medieval European sword handling.
>Armour making is an integral part of the ACS.

I would like to add a whole bunch of stuff to that, like how much should dues be and so forth,
but that is not germane to the first order of business...elect some officers.

To that end, we need to hold elections. 

Limit elections to those who want to show up to the pub on Sunday afternoons?
I lean towards the pub thing....but its not really up to me.
But I figure if I can't entice you out to a pub, I am not really trying!
email me at for your reaction.
I think a proxy vote is legitimate.
Such a proxy must come from this newsletter list.

First of all...when? 
Maybe go for a Sunday.
I will call it for Sunday March 23
Give people time to campaigne.
Where do you campaigne?  On the forum of course.
Elections will be held on Sunday, 23 March.
Place...I think a pub is good.  Food.  Drink. Conviviality. 
Any other suggestions for venue?
Agenda items should be filed a solid week before that time.
(I'll put agenda items up on the forum)
email me at for your reaction.

Well, that should be about it for this month.
Keep your sword tips up, and remember
Honour, Courtesy, and Nobless Oblige.


  1. I'm glad, relieved even, to find you here with the boys. When you stopped posting on the Journal, I got worried... Onward into the fray, and make more armor!

  2. You are a fine woman Ann!
    Posting the journal is not as habitual as it once was, but I still post there from time to time.