Monday, April 28, 2014


These were the pictures of the gambesons I am speculating on.

(actually, as nice as these are, I cannot get them in small enough quantities to justify ordering them in. No point in getting them in from a rival, my rival would not be interested in cutting me a deal, so we would be losing money on getting a stock of them in.   I am getting a sample from Turkey, and we will see how that goes.)

 Don't panic about the colour...that is just to show his versatility. He has them in green, red, black, white, blue (shown) and other colours subject to a serious order.   I will be getting them in black. 

 The above is the one I want to get.  Look at how flexible everything is.  Either none to very little padding.  You don't WANT padding in the heat of summer, these will wick sweat away from your body and protect you from the scissoring effects of armour bites.  And they can look good as a uniform dress for demo events, at a fraction of the price of cloaks.  (I am fairly sure my price on these into Ottawa will run about 50 bucks,  60 dollars, tops.  Shipping, warehousing, duties and taxes sure do take their toll! And thats without my profit cut!)

 Those mittens are perfect for renaissance fencing.

 I like the criss cross stitching pattern of the skirt.  But like the gambeson below, its not as useful under plate armour.
Now these are the gambesons I have my eye on.  No doubt the readers of this blog have different ideas than me.   And if you want to get a green number five in double xL, it can be done at this time.  Email me if for some reason you want something out of the ordinary, this is the time to get it.

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