Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glass sword

This video shows very cleary our "glass sword" technique.  No clubbing.  We determined with a fairly large body of evidence that a sword cannot smash through the armour.  Therefore the powerful smashing strikes on the traditional "target areas" (head, leg and arms) are not really much good.  At least with swords.  I think that joint locks and draw cuts are the way to go, and this video illustrates that really nicely.


  1. Yes, i like the idea of demonstrable draw cuts that the typical uninformed audience may witness. I am reminded of real swordwork training wherein the actuality is all about closing in & dispatching as speedily as possible, no silly sword tagging & sniping so prevalent in the swordsports or with roleplaying combatants. The audience love seeing these drawcuts in action! And it is good training for the swordhandlers as well in seeking out the armour gaps & getting over the fear of closing..and of course it is great fun when you also manage to lock or trap your opponent so that they can hear your taunting vanquishing insult you've been waiting all month to try out...