Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Osgoode Fighting Pictures

Above is Dan G. driving Dimitri back.  Clearly Dimitri (on the right) is having none of it, and has stepped in with a beautiful body shot to Dan's chest.  (That cute little move is right out of Talhoffer!!!)

Turnabout is fair play.  And below, the inevitable results as they join each other in that long walk over the Bifrost Bridge into Valhalla.  The chain mail not all that heavy...some thirty pounds or so, but the padded gambesons in this overwhelming heat slowed some of the action.  Below, I am asking if they really have collapsed from heat prostration or if they were just acting for the crowd.  Their reply was something along the line of..."well, we started by acting, but it kind of felt good to just lie there for awhile..."

 Mark, on the left is amazingly light on his feet, particularly when you consider the massive steel boots he is wearing.  Dmitri, on the right right, below, is very nearly as graceful.  This fight was a joy to watch.  In fact, the Lord Mayor of Ottawa was there, and was more than a little fascinated by the fighting. 

Below, Dmitri has stepped in to deliver a thrust.  It stuck, so it counted.  Unfortunately for him, Mark dropped his swords onto Dmitiri's neck, so in a real battle, Dmitiri would have died right away, and Mark in a couple of weeks from a perforated bowel.  Not a lot of glory in this...but I have to admit, some VERY good fighting. 

And so it goes...Dmitri in a later fight returns the favor. Their heavy chain mail does not do them any favors but at least it is fairly easy to move in. 

And Below are the guys.  Burning out in the hot sun. 

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